Construction Soundscapes V6

10 Soundscapes you can use for your Construction Themed Maps!

  1. XEnderFaceX
    Soundscapes for your Construction Maps!

    Soundscape List:

    Construction.Inside - Lighthum, Machine Hum and Glass Bottles break

    Construction.Outside - Construction Ambient, dogs and Cranes

    Construction.Interior - Indoor Sounds and desert Rustle

    Construction.ControlRoom - Computers, dogs and Soda cans

    Construction.Spawnroom - Machine Hum

    Construction.Crane - Quiet Birds, Outdoors and Crane creaks

    Construction.Workspace - Construction Ambient, wind and items drop

    Construction.Material - Outdoors, desert rustle and items drop

    Construction.Office - Office Sounds, Lighthum and a Printer

    Construction.Electric - Construction Ambient, Quiet Birds and Electricity

    Be sure to credit me in case youre using them! :)

    Listen to the Soundscapes:



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