Handover A3

A close quarters fight over a small shipping yard in the middle of the Badlands.

  1. A2 - Down with the Train Building

    Potato Masher
    Mostly minor tweaks, with one major adjustment. A1 was received positively so little had to be changed.

    • Added clipping in a few places such as windows and props where it was needed.
    • The building covering the train on each side has been raised higher with a slight increase in detail to emphasize it's new clipping. As such, this roof is no longer accessible.
    • Detailing and contrasting textures added to help show that the shutter door outside spawn is not a detail.
    • The playable area outside spawn has been shrunk as there wasn't much reason for it to be accessible.
    • The support poles holding up the platform extensions on the Control Point were adjusted so they didn't interrupt movement.
    • Added two team spectator cams.
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