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Handover A3

A close quarters fight over a small shipping yard in the middle of the Badlands.

After 3 years of procrastination, here's my first functional A1 map, Handover.

Handover is a King of the Hill map set in a small shipping yard out in the Badlands. Presumably the trains carry in weapons and ammo for the mercs to use elsewhere; looks like they couldn't wait for 2 day shipping and brought the fight to the rails.

The fight centers around the capture point dead in the center of the divide between the railways. Both teams have thrown about the boxes and cargo for cover, and have even used the cranes to hover a shipping container in between the buildings (are they even allowed to do that? how many safety violations does that break?)!

As this is my first map, feedback is welcome and appreciated. I hope I can make this into a decent first release.

Custom Content used:
  • Construction Asset Pack by TF2Maps.net
Potato Masher
First release
Last update
King of the Hill

Latest updates

  1. A3 - Highground Woes

    This update brings significant changes to how the high ground is accessed for both teams, hopefully giving attackers an easier time using their roof. High ground has been lowered by about 48hu to make spotting and fighting attackers from...
  2. A2a - Loading Zone A(lpha)

    Minor changes since the recent test gained a whopping two feedback nodes. Weeeee. The shutter doors outside of spawn on each side have been set up to open automatically once the round starts. They will stay open. Railings will now properly...
  3. A2 - Down with the Train Building

    Mostly minor tweaks, with one major adjustment. A1 was received positively so little had to be changed. Added clipping in a few places such as windows and props where it was needed. The building covering the train on each side has been raised...