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Halloween Logic a1

Eye of Degroot and tongue of frog

Have you ever wanted to have that classic halloween gimmick of bosses? Have you wanted to have that ghost thing fly around your map but just don't know how? Well boy do I have the prefab for you. In this prefab are all of the bosses (HHH, Mono, Merasmus, Skele king, Skeletons) and a ghost with the spook effect. Few notes for now, as I want to be crystal clear. Something is up with Monoculus where instead of acting like the Eyeaduct version, it instead decides to act like it's been cast by the spell by someone on blue team. I'm not sure how to fix this, so if anyone does know please fill me in so I can update this. As for the HHH and Merasmus, they seem to return to their starting platform whenever you're ubered/have no targets to chase (not too big a deal, but still annoying). Skeletons are the final thing. For this prefab, the skeletons are enabled after 0.5 seconds, then the max zombies are set to 0. If you're going to use this skeleton part, please make sure to fix it to your needs. Final big note is that everything is on buttons. The orange one summons whatever entity you are looking for, while the red one destroys them. The ghost is the only thing not on a button, and is instead on a timer. Besides that, everything should be working! Here's a link to the page with all the information I used to create this prefab, and thanks for reading.
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