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Logic for CSGO's Defusal Gamemode

Updating this one last time, due to the old page being cringe. This logic aims to recreate the Defusal Gamemode from Counter Strike. This isn't the first, and it 100% is not the best, but it works without plugins so I'll take it. The gamemode works by having two CP''s locked at the start. When blue enters with the flag, it's picked up by the func_flagdetectionzone and unlocks the point. Once the point is capped, it's unlocked for good and allows red to attack it. The major flaw of this system is that it locks both teams into having the same capture rate (So it takes either too long to plant, or too little time to defuse). Other than that, it seems to work okay. As always, leave feedback if anything goes wrong
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Latest updates

  1. Guess who's back, back again

    Didn't think I'd be coming back to this, but here we are. As always, a full list of changes are below, but the big one is that I fixed the thing not allowing people to defuse. No idea what happened, but it's better now -Fixed Defusing -Redid...
  2. Vis Update

    -Fixed the HUD freaking out while capping -Fixed the hud showing the wrong bombsite -Changed the points to start red owned Please comment any bugs found, or send me a message ^^
  3. Bomb Plant Update

    -Fixed a bug causing red to not win after a defuse -Reworked how blue team plays (Blue must cap point to plant the bomb) -Edited bomb timer to reset after 20 minutes -Bomb is unable to be picked up after plant. No way to double cap\ As always...