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Cornucopia a3

Autumnal Defuse Map for the 72Hr Jam

Cornucopia is a 2CP Defuse map based in an autumn environment/train station. The map uses Crikey mode as well as Defuse logic (check my profile for the prefab), to make a new gamemode that should hopefully be enjoyable

(Please turn on sv_cheats 1, and sv_allow_pointservercommands always in order to let Crikey mode function properly)

Huge thanks to the following

Berry - Autumnal Pack (https://tf2maps.net/downloads/autumnal-content-pack-v1-06-sep-10-2019.4312/)

taxicat - Autumn Oak Trees (https://tf2maps.net/downloads/autumn-oak-trees.404/) [Totally didn't mix it up with Berry's Autumn pack]

wiseguy149 - Crikey Mode logic (https://tf2maps.net/downloads/crikey-mode.1262/)

Zythe - Zythe's OC cutouts (https://tf2maps.net/downloads/zythes-oc-cutouts.11812/)
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More downloads from TheFluffycart

Latest updates

  1. Fuck

    So uhh, I forgot a few things. Hence, we are here Changelog: -Updated Red spawn a tiny bit, fixing a gap and adding props -Fixed reflective ground textures -Edited the bomb cap rate because I goofed it up -Quality of life changes
  2. Whoops

    Cornucopia a2 devlog: -Updated lighting slightly to make it less blinding -Reworked A + B slightly -Fixed logic on both points to fix blue being unable to win -Lowered plant/defuse time from 10 seconds to 6 -Added focus to Zythe's OC's, to prove...