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Graffiti (Alpha) Alpha 3a

A small Tug-of-War Payload map about vats of paint.

I came up with this map layout idea while bored as hell at work. The idea for the theming came about as one of ArraySeven's old discarded ideas:

In my idea, I made it into a small Tug of War Payload map instead of a traditional one. And yeah, I know that choosing an unconventional gamemode for your first map is generally seen as a bad idea, but in spite of that, I'm pretty proud of what I made. (Still, in case I need to choose a different gamemode, I have all the Tug of War elements tied to a visgroup in H++ that I can hide at any time.)

Getting back on the topic of theming, I was thinking it would be an urban setting if it makes it to full release; the train hazards over mid were inspired by the elevated subways I used to ride in New York. Basically, my idea was an offshoot of ArraySeven's idea, where RED and BLU had rival paint producing facilities, and one of them ordered a barrel of third-party pigments to mess up the coloring of the other's paint batch.

Oh, by the way, if you have Sudden Death enabled (Forgot that SD was a thing, didn't you? Yeah, don't worry; hardly anyone remembers it exists.), you'll notice some extra full ammopacks in each team's spawn and at mid if it goes into SD, plus the player filters and respawn room visualizers are disabled, essentially turning this into a pseudo-Arena map.


I'll be the first to admit that it is FAR from complete and needs to be tested for balance, exploits, and most importantly fun, but I'm still proud of what I made. I hope that with time, love, and several revisions, I could make it into something enjoyable.

I have to thank chemelia's Tug of War Payload prefab for helping bring my boredom-doodle to life!

TO DO's:
-Smooth out the turning of the Payload
-Fix that team-colored floor in each team's spawn
-Find out why every other train warning light is brighter
-Add a few bot hints to make them a bit better at picking locations to place buildings and snipe (though in this map, bots are moreso meant to aid players rather than supplant them.)
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