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Well (Sentry Buster variant) Proof-of-Concept Version 1

A proof-of-concept of an Arena mode with a destructible objective.

This isn't meant to be an original map; this is just a unique twist on Arena I thought would make for an interesting change of pace.

The goal of Sentry Buster is the same as regular Arena: Kill the entire enemy team. However, instead of there being a control point that unlocks if the match takes too long, there is instead a sentry on each team that, if destroyed, grants a win to the team who destroyed it.

Well just happens to be one of my favorite maps and I figured it'd be easier to critique the gamemode if I used an already-established map as my testing ground.


That said, I did make some tweaks to make the sentry harder to snipe from outside its range.


With mid now no longer having a control point, I just put a medium health-kit to fight over instead.


The sentries in question are highlighted with a glow. (Also, spawn now has a small health-kit, but the ammopack just outside has been downgraded to a medium.)


They also have a beefy 500 HP, making them harder to take down. This might be subject to change if 500 health is too much to take down. They also have unlimited ammo, so baiting them into firing off all their ammunition isn't a viable tactic.


...That said, they are not immune to sappers, and if you've already eliminated all the enemy Engineers and Pybros... Well, let's just say the other team better kill you all off quick. Notably, Red Tape Recorders seem to completely remove their bonus health and revert them to 216 health points.


If you're worried about both sides just turtling, don't worry; if the match takes too long, you'll see this alert informing you that the sentries are about to teleport to mid and settle this, with another warning 10 seconds before it starts.


You're free to meddle in this duel and swing the balance in your favor, plus any damage dealt beforehand carries over to this duel, but one way or another, one of these sentries is going down! Let's just hope yours is the one left standing!

I'm sure I'm not the first person to suggest a gamemode like this, but I wanted to provide my own spin on the concept. Let me know if you think this could be a viable Arena variant!
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