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Freezerburn 72

CTF for 72hr Summer 2019!

This is a CTF map I made for the 2019 Summer 72 Hour Mapping Jam!

So real quick story, I stopped mapping for TF2 for a while to make things like mods for A Hat in Time, and my art; and then I saw the new contest happening, and I really wanna do that. Then I saw a 72 Hour Jam and I thought "might as well get used to Hammer again by participating in yet another Jam so I can do something PROPER for the contest," which would have been a good idea, had I gone in with an actual plan, my weekend not be super busy anyway, and I not procrastinate things like logic and lighting until the very last minute.

TL;DR: This map is worse than my usual maps, so don't expect much, sorry about that.

It's still always fun to participate in 72 Hour Jams, and I don't regret this one a bit! Although, I doubt I'll ever come back to this map in particular.

I used A Boojum Snark's Mapping Resource Pack, so shoutouts and credit to them!

ctf_freezerburn_720000.png ctf_freezerburn_720001.png ctf_freezerburn_720002.png ctf_freezerburn_720003.png ctf_freezerburn_720004.png
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