72 hour summer jam

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  1. StarStrider

    It's A Long Shot 2022-07-25

    I wasn't really sure what to do for this Jam, so I just opened up photoshop and went to work. Eventually, the idea for a movie poster kind of just came to me. After a few rough designs, I think I'm really happy with how this turned out! My profile: https://steamcommunity.com/id/theStarStrider/
  2. ASAP

    Meet the team poster with my loadouts 2022-07-24

    https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198322078500 this is my first summer jam i hope i'm doing this right
  3. FlexALot

    10th class announced: "Mr. Worldwide" Pitbull! 2022-07-22

    Armando Christian Pérez (born January 15, 1981), known professionally by his stage name Pitbull, is an American rapper and singer. Pérez began his career in the early 2000s, recording reggaeton, Latin hip hop, and crunk music under a multitude of labels. Costume The coolest expensive suit in...
  4. Veliass

    Beep Man's Adventures [SFM+Photoshop+scan] 2019-08-05

    MANN Co. present the 42nd issue of "Beep Man's Adventures". Following the events of "Gravel Conspiracy" and "Watchers Saga", Beep Man have to fight the Terrible Giant Robotic Soldier (TGRS). With this adventure, a free sticker is given away ! This is an artwork that took way too much effort to...
  5. Funnystuf

    Freezerburn 72

    This is a CTF map I made for the 2019 Summer 72 Hour Mapping Jam! So real quick story, I stopped mapping for TF2 for a while to make things like mods for A Hat in Time, and my art; and then I saw the new contest happening, and I really wanna do that. Then I saw a 72 Hour Jam and I thought...
  6. halfpint

    TF2 Quiz 1

    INSTALLATION+USAGE INSTRUCTIONS Install 'tf2quiz.zip' Extract the 'tf2 quiz' folder inside 'tf2quiz.zip' Go inside the 'tf2 quiz' folder and double click on 'tfquiz.html'. It should open up in your browser. If it doesn't, right click on it, hover over 'Open with' and choose your preferred web...
  7. Live4Fun7369

    Once Upon a Time... In Teufort 2019-08-04

    TF2 72H Summer Jam Entry Software used:Source Film Maker Gimp Paint Feel free to check out the movie poster that its based on: Once Upon a Time... In Hollywood
  8. Ansanie

    The Attack of the Dead Men 2019-08-03

    My 72hr jam entry. SFM poster inspired by The third assault of Osowiec Fortress in July-August 1915.
  9. That's the plan

    72 hour jam medals

    I know that it takes a long time to review every single map, but when are we going to get are participation medals for 72 hour mapping contest? Could someone at least give me a time estimate?
  10. FishTiger

    Walk Like an Egyptian 2018-07-30

    A Source Filmmaker (Hieroglyphs, base for Sniper pose) and a GIMP fusion poster for the 72 hour Summer Jam, 2018. The symbol in the middle is the sign of Egyptian goddess Neith, the goddess of war and hunting. It resembles a shield with arrows behind it.
  11. Katuen

    A second before bonk 2018-07-30

    Pyro is not so impressed by Scout showing off. Made for the 72 hour jam - First time trying to enter. It's an idea I've had planned for ages, gave me a nice reason to work on it!
  12. Aapelikaeki

    Midnight Mapping 2018-7-30

    REAL MAPPING HOURS Made with ibisPaint X (for android)
  13. Dr. Salty

    Are those...crocodiles? 2018-07-30

    My entry into the 72 hour jam. This SFM poster features Scout and Soldier discovering that the waters are not safe to swim in. A total of five light sources were used in this poster. And I used the tf_movie models for Soldier and Scout.
  14. AniLeyo

    Artwork 2018-07-30

    i maked it for 2 hours. No idea.
  15. DeathAnimations Team

    [CTF] Vosstaniya Trainstation 2018-07-30

    A map located in a trainstation section in Saint-Petersburg - Russia. Also our entry to the TF2 72h Summer Jam! Useful Info about this map: - This map was requested by my friend Cap Fordo. (Also a sweet gift for all my russian friends out there.) - Creator of the map - DiFFU - Ideas +...
  16. Umbya Shpee

    This is the time for what? [SFM + Photoshop] - Summer 2018 72 Hour jam entry 2018-07-30

    The following is a poster I made for the 2018, 72 hour summer contest in sfm, beginning work around 6 pm est on Saturday July 28th 2018. Completed at 11 pm est Sunday, July 29th, 2018. Also comes with a complementary spy, attempting to make the blender logo. Enjoy! :) Assets I used...
  17. Pigzit

    pl_pigzit72 a28

    My entry for the 2018 72 hour summer jam. Notes: The intended art style and visuals are going to be a smoggy industrial setting akin to plr_pipeline. It's currently only in a blocked out alpha however. You will have 15 seconds to leave a previous spawn room after a point has been captured...
  18. Silverware

    Yellow / Red Medic Stylized 2018-07-29

    Attempt at drawing the medic using another artists style. I used Natsurkgk's Engineer drawing as a base and worked on top of it to make my medic. Link to Naturkgk's Engineer drawing.
  19. Mr. Light

    Light On, Lights Off 2018-07-29

    For my jam entry I relit tr_target, plus added some minor scenebuilding. Though to take things up a notch and for a little fun, I also decided to do a bit of animating for my piece as well, this would be my first try at actually animating in SFM. A poster version of just the map is also included.
  20. NewClarion

    Grilled Frank 2018-07-29