FreeBeef a11

FREE BEEF! IT'S FREE BEEF! (Working title)

  1. Funnystuf
    Another attempt at a serious map. Hoorah.

    This one takes place in a fictional Italian canal town, (similar to Venice)! With rivers that push you along! It starts with Blu entering a museum of art, and pushing towards the more rustic part of town where Red team has set up shop.

    Maybe I'll have motivation to iterate on this map, or maybe not! WHO KNOWS

    • A Boojum Snark's Mapping Resource Pack
    • FGD5's More Vehicles Pack
    • Berry's OWO Pack
    • The Front Line Supply Drop
    • Heron's Really Stupid Signs

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Recent Reviews

  1. MatixPL [F2P]
    MatixPL [F2P]
    Version: a11
    I love this map idea! The atmosphere of the map is just wonderful! I wish I had a chance to play at the IMP in TF2maps ...