Fountain a17

a hybrid payload

  1. Idolon
    Adopted from Tyler, who made versions a1-a8 (a8 was never released).

    Television has a scale. It has other properties, but what television has to a dominant degree is a certain scale and the power to enforce it. No one has been able to describe the scale as it is experienced. We know some of its properties, though.
    • Television does not vary. The trivial is raised up to power in it. The powerful is lowered toward the trivial.
    • The power behind it resembles the power of no-action, the powerful passive.
    • It is bewitching.
    • It interferes with growth, conflict, and destruction, and these forces are different in its presence.
    • "Entertainment" is an unsatisfactory word for what it encloses or projects or makes possible.
    • No good has come of it.


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