Dixie22 (Stage 2)

Multi Stage Dixie22 (Stage 2) a3

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Multi Stage Dixie22 (Stage 2) a3

You gave offense defenders advantage do you even know how to make a map?

The second stage of a 3 stage CP map. See main thread / stage 1 here.

This stage is a bit experimental. A is divided by a few walls in the middle of the capzone, and B is divided by a moving sawblade. Also, the map is constantly downhill for blue, which is something I've always wanted to make work ever since I got yelled at for doing it back in like 2013.
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Attack/Defense CP
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Latest updates

  1. a3

    OVERALL: - A: -added sightline blockers to make sniper on roof unable to see literally everyone -removed funny spawn exit -rerouted buildings outside of blue spawn to lead players in the correct direction B: -enclosed upper balcony route to...
  2. a2

    OVERALL: -fixed clipping exploits -added more signage to improve navigation A: -removed a piece of cover from the cap zone B: -enlarged main room by about 256 units in either axis -saw does not move until A is capped
  3. a1a

    Fix forward spawn bug