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  1. Aarmastah

    Lumberyard Snowy a1

    arena_lumberyard with snow and Diva Dan's arena mode hybrid thing from arena_lumberyard_event. Very much a work-in-progress and proof of concept Uses materials and particles from Diva Dan and yrrzy
  2. MilkMaster

    Carrier B1

    Become the machine and destroy RED's missile! Carrier is a CTF/CP hybrid, where BLU must escort a giant bomb-carrying robot to destroy RED's missile. Unlike MVM, the BLU robot is controlled by a real player, who's been strengthened. Uses assets from: Frontline! asset pack Overgrown prop pack...
  3. DoctorDoomtrain64

    Novawatch a0

    My unfinished 72 Hour Jam entry. It was supposed to be a Mannhattan themed Hybrid Payload map, I basically got almost everything from Last to B done, but came into a giant snag when trying to make A and it's connectors, and I decided it'd be best to shelve it at that point. I MAY come back to...
  4. Pawlakov

    How to disable some CTF gamemode mechanics when using flags.

    I'm prototyping a hybrid gamemode based on CTF. My problem is that whenever any flags are present within the map all CTF features become enabled - some of them are desirable for me, and some aren't. Features I wish to keep enabled: flags (capturing in a designated zone, dropping on death or on...
  5. monkeyman20

    Is a combination of both PLR and Koth game modes at all possible?

    I've had this pretty good idea for a map, but for it fully realized I wanted to have a neutral control point that unlocks the PLR section when it's captured. Is this something that's at all possible to create? I've only just gotten started, but I thought I'd ask in-case anyone had any...
  6. B!scuit

    ctf_cp_pl_onsen a2

    My submission for Microcontest #17 Inspired by Bowser's Castle from Super Mario Odyssey Gamemode prefab from a scrapped april fools idea Features assets from: Japan pack Frontline pack Freyja's Egyptian Assets
  7. Idolon

    Fountain a17

    Adopted from Tyler, who made versions a1-a8 (a8 was never released). Television has a scale. It has other properties, but what television has to a dominant degree is a certain scale and the power to enforce it. No one has been able to describe the scale as it is experienced. We know some of its...
  8. vanSulli

    Hybrid Payload Logic Prefab

    This is a prefab for hybrid cp/payload maps, as used in @tyler 's Fountain. It plays like an Overwatch hybrid map: Capture the first point, and then push the payload to its destination. To fit with TF2's theme and HUD, the cart is on an elevator that raises up as the first point is capped.
  9. tyler

    fountain a7

    In proportion as the bourgeoisie, i.e., capital, is developed, in the same proportion is the proletariat, the modern working class, developed — a class of labourers, who live only so long as they find work, and who find work only so long as their labour increases capital. These labourers, who...
  10. PiLoGuN

    MakingTime a7

    strange and complicated ctf cp hybrid
  11. KineSquared

    Hybrid CTF/Koth Example 2019-08-02

    A hybrid gamemode of koth and ctf! Shown off in my latest map ctf_ashworks, i figured separating out the logic of it could be cool for anyone who'd like to use it! Rules: -Capture the intel 3 times to win. -Capping the point moves some dynamic object, I made it open a nice path for the...
  12. ZungryWare

    pl_condemned (old) a12

    This map is under major reconstruction and will be posted as a new download once finished. Here is the (outdated) long version: View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lNsjl6ngP_o Originally conceived as a payload/control point hybrid map, condemned includes slow-sections in some checkpoints...
  13. FortyTwo

    5CP + CTF hybrid prefab v1

    5CP + CTF is a custom gamemode that is similar to the CTF & A/D hybird gamemode but it a 5CP symmetrical instead of A/D. Both flag is started in last point and when the flag is reset, it then respawned in the nearest locked CP or the last CP if none his point is locked. for example if the...
  14. RodionJenga

    How to customize a Hud for a hybrid gamemode

    So I'm making a CTF map that involves capping a control point to open a path to the intelligence (ctf_penthouse). Anyway, one of the confusing parts of the map for a while was to get the CTF and CP elements to both show up on the HUD, but I eventually, with a tf_logic_hybrid_ctf_cp entity...