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Epicenter B2

I lied. It was an Epicenter remake all along.

  1. Cleaning Up(date)


    • Fixed render distance on a few props
    • Added clips/nonsolid func_brushes that i forgot to mirror
    • Improved blockbullets on building in construction
    • Fixed clipping on doorframes
    • Fixed a few more places where players could, but shouldn't stand
    • Mirrored a few props i forgot in b1
    • Replaced a few 2fort windows with coalmines ones
    • Fixed collision of a prop on BLU cap zone
    Still broken, yo!
    Valve met all expectations in my two-month...
  2. Exclamation Marks!

    • Artpass!
    • Soundscapes!
    • A 3D skybox!
    • I'm not really happy with the 3d skybox! Send help!
    • Minor gameplay changes!
    • Map under 15mb!
    @Crowbar for stripless metal textures
    @Void for stencil overlays
    @Shmitz for Intel Point Base
    Evil knevil & NassimO for Delivery Van

    A metric shitton of screenshots!
    20161008171212_1.jpg 20161008171238_1.jpg 20161008171314_1.jpg ...
  3. Let the sun shine!


    • Changed name to Epicenter
    • Replaced RED props in BLU spawn with BLU version
    • Raised spawn base height
    • Added height advantage to defensive spawn exit
    • Replaced tank model with more fitting vehicle
    • Reverted back to instant cap (Not worth the hassle with all the bugs it currently has.)
    • Added tf_glow to capture vehicles
    • Added nobuild to capture zone
    • Downsized quite a lot of pickups
    • Cubemaps
    • Flags respawn if a player tries to bring them...
  4. Now with even less Epicenter

    • Added anti-stickyjump wall on mid
    • Redesigned capture area
    • Added additional path to capture zone
    • Added additional spawn exit
    • Added 3 second timer to capture zone (Sound notifications temporarily stolen from koth_leveled)
    • Changed respawn wave time 10s -> 7s
    • Made all arrow props nonsolid
    20160823171308_1.jpg 20160823171312_1.jpg 20160823171317_1.jpg 20160823171328_1.jpg 20160823171347_1.jpg 20160823171355_1.jpg ...
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