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Emilnewthing legacy01

What if... we kissed on Emilnewthing?

Attack/Defence 2CP map, based on the coastside. Made for back 2 basics contest

Winner of the Back 2 Basics contest (2nd place, asym)
First release
Last update
Attack/Defense CP
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Latest updates

  1. Legacy update

    Random legacy update because I miss this map A - Blocked off boat shack - Expanded staging area - Changed routes into Bar, now entering though staging area - Changed shipping containers - Removed windows into garage - Changed granary conveyor...
  2. Return of the king

    This update is mostly just me messing around with some small ideas. Just updating an old map, you know Blocked off the route between tram station and top B entrance Removed lighthouse at B Swapped ammo pack in A Garage Removed tree at Alley and...
  3. Small thing and Small changes

    Didnt really know what to do so here is patch note lol A point: - Removed sniper OP spot near containers and concrete ramp - Added some cover on the balcony - Fixed door trims (Thx FloofCollie) - Changed BLU forward spawn, no more U-turns -...