attack and defence

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  1. Crieng.

    How to change owner of control point on command?

    I'm working with outputs like setowner, but it doesn't seem to do anything. I'm trying to do this so blu doesn't have to recapture a point, and instead gains control of the point after a certain amount of time.
  2. Jean

    Toy Factory A2

    Blue must capture the toy factory to obtain a limited edition action figure, first, capture the control tower "A" to open the security gates, then attack the line of production in point "B"
  3. Onionchurro

    waterworks a2

    An Attack/Defense map ive working for a bit, and plan on balancing and poloshing, a way more focused project than my last map "cp_bunkerbusters" that got lost after wiping my ssd another atk/def map that had enough side areas and flank routes for 2 maps over
  4. Wilson

    Backalley 2022 A1A

    Another jam, another alley.
  5. Pigzit

    Coalpit72 a1v2

    My 2022 summer Jam entry, remixing the Gravel Pit A/D gamemode by pulling A and B much closer together, but reducing the time they take to cap. Hoping to solve the "camp 1 point and ignore the other" issue this gamemode seems to have by making rotations quick but necessary for defensive...
  6. Emil_Rusboi

    Territorial Control Domination Gamemode Logic Prefab v02

    This is a gamemode prefab from cp_caper, Territorial Control Domination map. Information The prefab consists of 3 control points, 3 respawn rooms, 1 spawn room for the start of the round (needs so the map could work) and all required logic: Selecting random control points, changing spawns for...
  7. MegapiemanPHD

    Motorcity a1

    Red teams at it again. This time they are developing some kind of new vehicle they call the D.U.M.B (Deployable Ultimate Mobile Base) hidden within the perfect cover, a car factory. Credits: Layout - MegapiemanPHD Vehicle Props - FGD5
  8. *Turns into crocodile*

    Renuclose a20b

    Overgrown pack: Cardboard boxes:
  9. nesman

    Baxter a8a

    Baxter state park. The tallest mountain in Maine has a secret base inside of it that Blu team wants.
  10. Will Alfred

    adctf_Holtzmann A9

    A Map made for the ADCTF contest back in 2021. MrModez / Setup Track for Team Fortress 2 Classic TF2C Team | Team Fortress 2 Classic's Dev Textures
  11. This Guy.

    Training Map V2

    This map is not meant to be taken very seriously! It is mostly used for training purposes. Bots is a cp map that allocates the use of bots as its main gimmick. It involves open space, a couple health and ammo pack... Y'know, the normal stuff! Bots may not fully work due to some navigation...
  12. sunryze

    cp_booblol a2a

    This is my first A/D map so hopefully its not too underwhelming. I tried to balance spawn times with distance to control points however I will change it if it turns out to be unbalanced.
  13. Mercia

    drycactus A7

    cant be bothered to make a description yet
  14. Tang

    cp_affront a10v4

    A map set in a business front for something sinister!
  15. Loose Noose

    cp_sootcanyon a3a

    Please leave any and all feedback!
  16. Perry

    Takeback B12b

    In a previous encounter; Red has driven Blu back into a useless Garage. A plan to Take Back the whole cement mill from Red, and while they're at it, they will take Red's iron mine, and shipment center as revenge. This map is currently in Alpha, and is mostly textured, it has been tested with...
  17. TFD

    cp_tfd_mc9 A1a

  18. TylowStar

    HMS Blindfold a2

    Blue pirates like red gold. This ship has red gold.
  19. P53 Enfield

    Dumbfounded a2

  20. LFSoniccraft10

    Defort a6

    2cp map I've been working on, and now its on TF2Maps! Hopefully I can complete this map, or at least almost complete. (SCREENSHOTS OUT OF DATE)