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  1. Ismaciodismorphus

    Ocean Floor 6/15/2022

    This is some old skybox i made Name is sky_oceanfloor_01
  2. Trooffe

    koth_seaside a1

    "RED and BLU learn about a cursed statue in a small seaside town that holds a powerful secret..." The little map with near sea town style, with little things put in it: - disco ball which, when you step under its light, you will be stunned for 2 seconds, - tom jones memorial concert with his...
  3. Piesofthesky

    Boxes A10

    koth_boxes This is my first attempt at creating a more serious map. I wanted to resist my urge to make crazy off-the-grid brushwork and focus on the basics, which gave me the idea to make much of my map from cargo containers. The containers in this map do not use the cargo container props, but...
  4. Dr Professor Wanker

    Maunsell A2

    A king of the hill map set off the coast. One main fort where the control point is housed with multiple floors. Two smaller forts where the team spawns are housed. This is my first map so it may have some graphical anomalies which I intend to fix in future builds. Please let me know if you have...
  5. VanderCat

    Sea Point b1a

    That's my first map wich i can upload, and share. Made with prefabs and library Credit to: A Boojum Snark's Ultimate Mapping Resource Pack AlexCookie's Small Prefab Pack v1 Midlou's Pickup Timer V2 Ravidge's Lighting Library 1.0 Necrσ, Mercenary Park Prop Library V1 Dusk till Dawn...
  6. Emil_Rusboi

    Emilnewthing legacy01

    Attack/Defence 2CP map, based on the coastside. Made for back 2 basics contest Winner of the Back 2 Basics contest (2nd place, asym)
  7. Aapelikaeki

    PD Aapeli Tropical A3

    A player destruction map set in a tropical cargo center. The teams will have to collect as much loot as possible and load it onto their ships using a conveyor belt. Unfortunately both conveyor belts are located in the same room and the power keeps cutting out. Developed for the Back to basics...
  8. squ1rrel

    High and Low - Squ1rrel 2018-07-08

    Stationed on a bleak isle: A weathered lighthouse with a tragic existence... Thanks to the Swamp and Bulletcrops team for the custom assets!