DR_hourglass V5

A small and not too hard Deathrun map

  1. Werewolf
    • 11 triggerable traps with 2 additional automatic traps
    • Motivator, deployed after 2 minutes of the first door breaking.
    • In case of an idle Blue player, the MAP takes over and activates 'Auto-Mode'!
    • In Auto-Mode, traps have a 1 in 4 chance of deploying when a player passes though.
    • EASY MODE: If there are 5 or fewer red player then some traps are disabled to give red a better chance of winning.
    • 24 player support
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  2. V4 Update

Recent Reviews

  1. Frosty Scales
    Frosty Scales
    Version: V4
    Solid deathrun map; glad to see it's still getting updates