DR_hourglass V5

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DR_hourglass V5

A small and not too hard Deathrun map


  • 11 triggerable traps with 2 additional automatic traps
  • Motivator, deployed after 2 minutes of the first door breaking.
  • In case of an idle Blue player, the MAP takes over and activates 'Auto-Mode'!
  • In Auto-Mode, traps have a 1 in 4 chance of deploying when a player passes though.
  • EASY MODE: If there are 5 or fewer red player then some traps are disabled to give red a better chance of winning.
  • 24 player support
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Latest updates

  1. Version 5 Update

    V5 Change Log 1) Fixed not being able to press buttons with weapons. 2) Overhauled the buttons to prevent various forms of accidental use or trolling. All of Blue's buttons now have various protections: All buttons are filtered for Blue team...
  2. V4 Update

    V4 Change Log 1) Removed all HL2 props and textures, replacing them with TF2 appropriate substitutes. 2) Added "$nodecal" "1" to the floor textures, preventing players from placing down sprays and marking the location of traps! 3) Removed the...

Latest reviews

Solid deathrun map; glad to see it's still getting updates