DR DR_hourglass V5

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Probably not a real Werewolf
Apr 12, 2011
DR_hourglass - A small and not too hard Deathrun map.

  • 11 triggerable traps with 3 additional automatic traps
  • Motivator, deployed after 2 minutes of the first door breaking.
  • In case of an idle Blue player, the MAP takes over and activates 'Auto-Mode'!
  • In Auto-Mode, traps have a 1 in 4 chance of deploying when a player passes though.
  • EASY MODE: If there are 5 or fewer red player then some traps are disabled to give red a better chance of winning.
  • 24 player support

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Apr 22, 2009
The very bright green seems super distracting, since it's the brightest feature in the scene. In reality such a bright surface would emit a significant amount of light. Try adding a green ambient light to the scene to reduce the contrast. Also increase the light on the play area with stronger spotlights to prioritise it.


Probably not a real Werewolf
Apr 12, 2011
V4 Change Log
1) Removed all HL2 props and textures, replacing them with TF2 appropriate substitutes.
2) Added "$nodecal" "1" to the floor textures, preventing players from placing down sprays and marking the location of traps!
3) Removed the breaking floor from Red spawn. The Motivator passed this area already so there is no need to pre-kill idle reds in spawn with this.
4) The Motivator will now move at a consistent height above the ground along the course.
5) Re-built the 1st trap to be properly symmetrical, changing the shape from a diamond to a circle. The top texture has also been made slippery with the "$surfaceprop" set to "ice".
6) Converted the Pumpkin bomb trap to use tf_generic_bomb entities instead of multiple entities per bomb (This was previously was a prop_dynamic, ambient_generic, info_particle_system and env_explostion for each bomb!)
7) Removed the bridge that spawned in place of the pumpkin bombs during easy mode. Now the 1st and 3rd set of bombs will be removed leaving their platforms in place, and the map will pick one of the remaining bombs in the remaining middle set making it a simple 50/50 chance trap.
8) Added trigger_catapult brushes to the Hammer/Flipper trap, to make sure players are properly flung off the course.
9) Fixed the Hammer not being properly aligned with the hazard markings on the floor below.
10) Added a glow effect to the Uber Pyro in the fire trap.
11) Added the blood particle effects used on the sawblades in koth_sawmill to the 3 sawblades in the Log trap, as well as some minor detailing to the trap.
12) Added a new particle effect to the Ghost trap.
13) Re-worked the Laser trap, replacing the env_laser based system with a new particle effect based system
14) Added an Auto-Mode trigger to the laser trap.
15) Updated the spinning wall design, and added a wall that flanks the sides to prevent scouts from being able to double jump around the sides. This wall disappears in Easy mode.
16) Added some env_steam effects to the Piston as it opens.
17) Like the pumpkin bombs before, the Nuke has been swapped for a tf_generic_bomb to save on entities.
18) Added a hint brush for Death to the Nuke, identical to the ones used on the Hammer/Flipper and Spike traps.
19) Made the hole left by the Nuke look like broken and torn metal, not a perfectly round hole!
20) Added a map-wide "trigger_add_tf_player_condition" brush set to 'Cannot switch from Melee', which will make any players who pick their melee weapon be unable to switch back to their primary or secondary weapons.
  • This is enforced by a 'point_clientcommand' that issues a 'Slot3' command on each new round, effectively forcing all players to melee only. Server admins can disable this by setting the "sv_allow_point_servercommand" CVAR to "disallow", though the "trigger_add_tf_player_condition" brush will remain and cannot be disabled by a cvar.
21) Added a damage filter to players to prevent self-damage from weapons.
22) Added Melee only filter to the buttons in blues control room. Blue will be able to +use them as well.
23) Updated the button signs.
24) Added an override to blue spawn that will force Death's health to 100, which will mostly effect VSH/FF2 based servers.
25) Evened out the lighting quality. Different textures had lighting scale values ranging between 16 and 128, with a wide variance in between. Now all areas bar a couple detail areas use 16 (detailed areas use 8).
26) Added a soundscape, set to "Harbor Inside Blue Spawn (Foundry)". It's basic, but adds some simple ambience.
27) Rearranged the order of the spectator cameras.
28) Updated the menu_photo and menu_thumb images.

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Probably not a real Werewolf
Apr 12, 2011
V5 Change Log
1) Fixed not being able to press buttons with weapons.
2) Overhauled the buttons to prevent various forms of accidental use or trolling. All of Blue's buttons now have various protections:
  • All buttons are filtered for Blue team, Melee only. Only Blue players hitting the buttons with Melee weapons will trigger them, along with +use.
  • All buttons have anti-multi hit logic to prevent weapons that could trigger multiple buttons at once. Should players still manage to trigger multiple buttons at once it will act as if the player picked at random.
  • All buttons have func_nogrenade protection, inherited from the map wide brush.
  • All buttons are surrounded with BlockBullet textured brushes, to prevent damage from explosive weapons triggering multiple buttons.
  • All buttons have a thin func_clip_vphsics brush over the top.
  • All buttons start locked until the round actually starts, or until they become available during play.
3) Replaced the glass in Blue's chamber with a custom low-alpha and low-reflectivity glass. Players should have a better view of the map around them.
4) Added an info_no_dynamic_shadow entity and set it to work on the brush faces on the outside of blue's chamber, preventing Red from working out the location of the Blue player.
5) All trigger_hurt brushes that are meant to instantly kill the player now deal 99999 damage, to counter servers that use the 'Roll the Dice' plugin.
6) Changed various clipping brushes into trigger_hurt brushes, and altered their shape slightly in places. This should prevent players from surfing on clip brushes or being able to bypass large sections of the map.
7) Widened the motivators trigger_hurt brush so that it extends a little way over the edges of the platforms, and added a parented point_push entity to suck players in.
8) Fixed part of the motivators path being higher than other parts.
9) Fixed players being able to avoid the motivator by hiding next to the saw blades
10) Fixed players being able to avoid the motivator by standing on the broken parts of the path that extend to the side.
11) Disabled bone followers on all props that do not need it.
12) Added notices for which traps are disabled or nerfed in easy mode. These traps will have a 'Trap Disabled!' or 'Trap Nerfed!' notice appear as well as colouring themselves green.
13) Re-removed the melee only zone. Having re-read past dev log I realized I had tried this once before and it didn't work then, notably due to players being able to respawn during setup which caused them to spawn with all of their weapons instead of being limited to just melee.
14) Fixed a bug with the Easy mode logic and the Pumpkin bomb trap.
15) Added a clearer notification for when Blue do not press any of the buttons for trap 3, making it clear that the map has randomly picked a door for them.
16) Fixed the trigger_hurt brush for the Hammer/Flipper trap not activating.
17) Fixed the 'Sandman Homerun' sound effect not playing when players are hit and killed by the Hammer.
18) Added movement sounds to the Hammer and Flipper.
19) Widened the gap for the Train trap from 260hu to 300hu. More mobile classes will still be able to jump the gap in a single jump, but this change will force more classes to use the moving platform.
20) Re-worked the trigger_hurt brush that surrounds the train model into multiple brushes that better fit the trains shape.
21) Changed the texture inside the Pyro trap as apparently I missed a HL2 texture, as well as some minor detailing.
22) Added some teleporting particle effects to the Blue Pyro that appears inside the Pyro trap.
23) Retextured the logs in the log trap to use in-game log textures.
24) Added roofs to the top of the log trap and fire planks traps.
25) Made the logs in the log trap 20% longer, as they were a little too easy to avoid.
26) Re-made the ghost trap, notably replacing the black and white pentagram with a better, blood drawn one and adding more detailing to it.
27) Remade the laser trap geometry, adding back walls to prevent players jumping back past the spinner to avoid the motivator, and swapping the middle set of fins for a middle wall.
28) Increased the speed of the spinner from 150 to 170. When nerfed in Easy mode the speed will drop back to 130.
29) Split the spikes on the Spinner into 4 groups of func_breakable, giving each it's own trigger_hurt. Should a player be hit by a given trigger_hurt, it's matching set of spikes will break off the spinner. Should all 4 sets of spikes be broken off the spinner, the whole frame will break as well. This will allow slower classes to get through the trap if a teammate has sacrificed for them first.
30) Fixed players being able to trigger the bomb early by shooting it, by applying a Melee filter to it. It will still explode when hit with a melee weapon or +use'd.
31) Replaced the 50/50 breaking wooden planks, with a jumping course. The risk is that some platforms may break resulting in players falling into the lava below. Which platforms break is still picked at random.
32) Nerfed the damage dealt in the lava pit below the breakable platforms. Players who are quick to react will be able to escape the pit, though they will get set on fire. This will allow those players to re-try the jumping course.
33) Added a finish line at the end of the course.

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