DR_Bank 13

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DR_Bank 13

This is a bank themed, TF2 Deathrun map where red team have to break into and escape from a bank!

About The Map
This is a bank themed, TF2 Deathrun map where red team have to break in, steal the item deep in the inner vault and get back out alive. Blue team must use the traps defend the bank from the red invaders!

  • 19 triggerable traps with additional automatic traps
  • Themed player motivator, deployed after 2 minutes of the first door breaking.
  • Idle blue players are killed after 30 seconds of round start if they have not moved from spawn.
  • Idle red players are killed once the first door has been broken.
  • Anti-Rushing systems to prevent rushers from getting too far ahead of blue.
  • Upon beating the course, red players have 30 seconds to pick between 3 win options:
    • "Humiliation" which has 9 possible humiliating scenarios
    • "Mini Game" a luck based game, or
    • "Street-fight" a 1v1 Battle to the death!
    • Alternatively should red NOT pick one within 30 seconds the map will force a red win.
  • Full 32 player support
  • Two trial effects!
  • Hidden bonus
  • Blue Hint system that allows Death to see the kill area for some traps.
  • Dynamically adjusting delays - The lobby door that triggers the alarm changes its HP based on the number of red players alive when the round starts.
  • Easy mode! If there are less than 6 red players at the start of a round, some traps are disabled!
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Latest updates

  1. Version 13 Update

    1) Fixed the missing texture on trees in spawn during Full Moon / Halloween. 2) Fixed a snow brush showing at all times. 3) Reduced the volume of the main alarm by 20%. 4) Reduced the time until the main alarm goes silent from 90 seconds to 60...
  2. Version 12a Update

    V12a Change log 1) Fixed a clipping issue near trap 4 2) Fixed a missing texture 3) Fixed the alarm bells volume, adding in a couple extra commands to stop the sound one players reach certain points. 4) Fixed the button blocker for trap a8 not...
  3. Version 12 Update

    V12 Change log 1) Made the buttons to both Staller doors 'Touch' and '+use' activated. 2) Nearly all sounds are now called via a 'SoundScript' for better audio control. 3) Added 'AddOutput Health 1' overrides to all 'trigger_hurt' brushes where...

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Really fun and well done!