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Working_Class B4

Werewolf's 2016 April Fools contest entry

  1. Werewolf

    About The Map
    This map was originally designed and built for the 2016 tf2maps.net April Fools mapping contest, thus is a 'joke' map. For the most part it is a normal King of the Hill (aka KotH) map. It supports a maximum of 32 players in a medium sized, mirrored symmetry play space.

    In this map only one class can capture the point at a time. An internal logic system will pick a class, and only members of that class will be able to capture the control point!

    Once the point has been captured the maps internal logic picks another class to use. No class will be picked twice until all 9 classes have had a go, then it picks again at random.

    3rd Party Content:


    1. B4 - Wide.jpg
    2. B4 - Cap point 2.jpg
    3. B3 - Updated info board.jpg
    4. B1 - Red Outside.jpg
    5. B1 - Blu Crane.jpg
    6. B1 - Blu flank.jpg
    7. B4 - Ammo placement.jpg
    8. B4 - Door closed.jpg
    9. B4 - Door open.jpg
    10. B4 - Computer room.jpg
    11. B4 - Hint 1.jpg
    12. B4 - Hint 2.jpg
    13. B4 - Title card.jpg
    14. B1 - Overview.jpg

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