DR_4Halls V6

A quick but challenging Deathrun map set though 4 halls of pain!

  1. Werewolf
    About The Map
    This map was originally built by Snaggle back in 2013. Since then it's been played on a few servers, but it had various bugs and issues preventing people playing the map.

    As Snaggle did not want to update the map himself, he gave me permission to update the map and fix its bugs. I opted to re-build the map from scratch, porting over the traps and giving them an update. The map has a few new traps, but for the most part is still recognizable as DR_4Halls, rather than a map inspired by it.

    • 17 activate-able Traps
    • Full idle player management:
      1. Themed player motivator (Seeman) deployed after 2:30 minutes. This will sweep the play area killing all red players who choose not to run.
      2. If Death (Blue) are idle, AFK mode is enabled! This is enabled 30 seconds after round start.
      3. Idle red players are killed 1:00 minute after round start.
    • Anti-Rushing systems to prevent rushers from getting too far ahead of blue.
    • Upon beating the course, red players have 30 seconds to pick between 3 win options:
      1. "Bunny Hop" minigame
      2. Instant Win
      3. "Rapid Racing" minigame
      4. Alternatively should red NOT pick an option within 30 seconds the map will force a red win.
    • Blue Hint system that allows Death to see the kill area for some traps.
    • Easy mode! If there are less than 6 red players at the start of a round, some traps are disabled!
    3rd Party Content:

    The extended development thread can be found here - https://steamcommunity.com/groups/GmodTech/discussions/3/530649887207416846/


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