DR_hourglass V5

A small and not too hard Deathrun map

  1. Version 5 Update

    V5 Change Log
    1) Fixed not being able to press buttons with weapons.
    2) Overhauled the buttons to prevent various forms of accidental use or trolling. All of Blue's buttons now have various protections:
    • All buttons are filtered for Blue team, Melee only. Only Blue players hitting the buttons with Melee weapons will trigger them, along with +use.
    • All buttons have anti-multi hit logic to prevent weapons that could trigger multiple buttons at...
  2. V4 Update

    [H1]V4 Change Log[/H1]
    1) Removed all HL2 props and textures, replacing them with TF2 appropriate substitutes.
    2) Added "$nodecal" "1" to the floor textures, preventing players from placing down sprays and marking the location of traps!
    3) Removed the breaking floor from Red spawn. The Motivator passed this area already so there is no need to pre-kill idle reds in spawn with this.
    4) The Motivator will now move at a consistent height above the ground...