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Downhill Beta 3

Updated version with better layout and medieval theme

  1. Gadget
    I decided to pick up this really old map of mine from 2009 and rework it for the medieval project.

    Let's see what the gameplay is like for the updated layout...

    You can still get the old version on Gamebanana.


    1. pl_downhill_b20002.jpg
    2. pl_downhill_b20003.jpg
    3. pl_downhill_b20005.jpg
    4. pl_downhill_b20006.jpg
    5. pl_downhill_b20008.jpg
    6. pl_downhill_b20009.jpg
    7. pl_downhill_b20012.jpg
    8. pl_downhill_b20014.jpg
    9. pl_downhill_b20015.jpg
    10. pl_downhill_b20018.jpg
    11. pl_downhill_b20020.jpg
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  1. xSpoodi #Pyro4Prez
    xSpoodi #Pyro4Prez
    Version: Beta 2
    An awesome map! good job i really like the theme. cant wait to see this in tf2!