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-The weird dead end room with the glass. And some more spaghetti.

-One of the entrances to mid. It goes to a new place now.


-Big side areas to the control point, where the drill's anchors are. They do not move, so they'll probably be quite boring and unused.

-Large pickups on those side parts to make them defensible, probably.

-The side path now goes around and under, hopefully making it feel less "flat".

-Rooves and walls to the mid "battlements". Glass so Snipers have a bad time.

-An upper area to the structure from spawn. With a health pack too.

-Collision to the big prop thing, also in that area.


-Tweaked some lightning. You won't notice.

-Most of the center pit, made it smaller, and hopefully more playable... BUT let's be honest it probably won't be.

-Some walls on the second floor of the structures. Now you can just fall down instead of using the stairs, as nature intended.

-One of the windowed doors from the exterior spawn area to the interior structure. No more airlock flashbacks.

-The need for sunglasses in spawns. Then again, the sunglasses that are in the game already did not help anyway.



-Completely revamped the control point to be on stilts with bridge access. Trolls not included.

-Full healthpack under the now raised point, just like every other map with a space under the control point.


-Upsized the dead-end healthpack and downgraded the second floor healthpack. Made the map too top-heavy.

-Changed the orientation of the remaining pit ramps. If I made a joke about that I'd probably get banned.

-The drill does 50% less damage now. Frankly, I'm astonished it killed as many people as it did.


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Fixed my jury-rigged bootleg discount timers to properly give wins to teams instead of only stalemates.

-Sandbags because they triggered some people's sandbag-phobia.
-Massive ice-texture dreidel over the control point.
-Some of the "spaghetti". Doc said I need to watch my carbs.
-The death-pits that there of course were are now evicted from the bsp.


-Open area between spawn and the interior area. Its like a whole new world... sort of..?
-Balcony area at the control point so the second floors of either side's interiors do something that isn't illegal.
-I saw the signs, and now you will too because there's more of them.
-A giant spinning drill to block SOME sightlines at the control point. It will hurt you if you jump into it so don't do that.


-Adjusted lighting map-wide, now 30% less damaging to your eyes, 9/10 ophthalmologists say!
-Extended the timer to 3 minutes, because 2 was too quick, ask any woman.
-Maybe some things I forgot, but I'm only human.