frontline assets

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  1. joshtrademark

    Flagpole a3b

    this is my first map, criticism is appreciated. koth map with a frontline theme. the control point is replaced with an animated flag (from the frontline asset pack) that changes colors depending on which team holds the point. when the round ends, the losing team gets their base bombed. please...
  2. Coochie Sentinel

    Horse Statue Fix 2021-07-31

    Is your statue purple? I feel you, and i went two hours trying to figure out the problem! Turns out it was missing a texture. With this simple drag and drop fix it will stop trying to find the non-existent texture! Now you'll never have to suffer with a checkered horse ever again!
  3. Telivan

    koth_waterpit A1_4

    Hello. This is my first proper attempt at mapping ever. So any feedback would be deeply appreciated, also big thanks to Crash for his tutorial. And credit to the frontline team for the lockers, armored car, tanks and sandbags. Here are some pictures
  4. I Darkstar X

    Dig Site A3

    It is I, much to everyone's chagrin. This map is partly born of the fact I want to make a democratic voting system within hammer because it sounds like it probably will not work, but I am going to try anyway, and maybe I'll get lucky like I did with my I/O Bosses and it will work. Speaking of...
  5. I Darkstar X

    cp_perfectly_normal A4

    This map's theme is an incursion into a large and mysterious facility. While there, BLU will make things explode a lot as they try to trash the place, while RED tries to prevent all that from happening, of course. Indeed, I want to add a great deal of cinematic value to the map. (If I could...
  6. vulduv

    winter war A4

    this is a frontline themed map set in the icy land of... idk. its overall theme is of the winter war. when russia tried invading finland in WWII.
  7. Werewolf

    Texture Biohazard sign to match Frontline signs

    The Frontlne pack comes with 5 hazard signs, namely an explosive warning sign (pictured below), a flammable warning sign, a radioactive warning sign, a corrosive warning sign and a mutagen warning sign. (These are 'signs/sign_hazard001' to 'signs/sign_hazard005', respectively) What I would...
  8. Lampenpam

    Unoffical Frontline patch to save a lot of data space.

    Hello, folks. The Frontline pack is quite a big one: over 800MB worth of data. But I noticed that a couple of textures aren't compressed and that some have an unecessary alpchannel and so I thought that I might be able to reduce the file size of the pack without any visual downside. So I went...
  9. LittleRedRobin

    koth_mountainbay_rc4 2017-08-07

    This is a king of the hill map created during a TF2 72HR Jam. The maps location is inside a secret submarine loading bay. This map uses some assets from the Frontline Asset Pack.
  10. ☁ Cloudy ☁

    Deadlock a5

    I always liked night maps and wanted to try making one so this happened. I learned that lighting is hard and painful.
  11. ϟBlitz.

    Frontline Asset Pack Missing Textures

    I installed the Frontline! asset pack normally into C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Team Fortress 2\tf\custom but only a handful of its props show up in hammer and gmod. I tried making a "models" folder in tf such that it looks like C:\Program Files...
  12. BigfootBeto

    Frontline Props Placeholders Library V1

    Tired of seeing 90 mb alpha maps stuffed with Frontline Assets? Well, this pack hopes to alleviate that problem by providing mappers with a library of placeholders to use instead of props. Key props include the tank and fountains. Every placeholder is properly nodrawed and func_detailed (one...
  13. ☁ Cloudy ☁

    Havasu a3

    It's been a bit since I made a map and I just randomly got an idea for one.
  14. Mat$Max

    KOTH Cliffs A2

    koth_cliffs is a medium to large koth map that takes place between the cliffs of two mountains. It is set in a time of war and therefor has assets from the frontlline pack. This map is far from finished and still has many mistakes. This is pretty much my first map so it's a bit of practice too...
  15. AlexCookie

    Subway B3

    SUBWAY Trade map that takes place in a NY subway station. Current state - Beta 3 Screenshots: Special thanks to: Frontline! team - for - Frontline! Asset pack iiboharz - for - TF2Maps Steam Workshop Resources
  16. Dapper_Denizen

    Mannzac A5

    This is my second map and i hope i improved greatly! (i also hope i packed this one correctly) please leave any and all feedback as im new and really bad!
  17. B!scuit

    Campainia A8

    Blu team are fighting to recover their tank which Red Team captured. At least, that's the plan. All the great Frontline assets made by the Frontline! project team
  18. ☁ Cloudy ☁

    cp_menneck a3

    This is my first map i've made that i'm happy enough with to release, so i'm expecting plenty of bugs and other problems.