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  1. The One Step Forward, Two Steps Back Update

    I Darkstar X

    -The weird dead end room with the glass. And some more spaghetti.

    -One of the entrances to mid. It goes to a new place now.


    -Big side areas to the control point, where the drill's anchors are. They do not move, so they'll probably be quite boring and unused.

    -Large pickups on those side parts to make them defensible, probably.

    -The side path now goes around and under, hopefully making it feel less "flat".

    -Rooves and walls to the mid "battlements". Glass so Snipers have a bad time.

    -An upper area to the structure from spawn. With a health pack too.

    -Collision to the big prop thing, also in that area.


    -Tweaked some lightning. You won't notice.
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