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  1. De-Pit(iful) Update

    I Darkstar X

    -Most of the center pit, made it smaller, and hopefully more playable... BUT let's be honest it probably won't be.

    -Some walls on the second floor of the structures. Now you can just fall down instead of using the stairs, as nature intended.

    -One of the windowed doors from the exterior spawn area to the interior structure. No more airlock flashbacks.

    -The need for sunglasses in spawns. Then again, the sunglasses that are in the game already did not help anyway.



    -Completely revamped the control point to be on stilts with bridge access. Trolls not included.

    -Full healthpack under the now raised point, just like every other map with a space under the control point.


    -Upsized the dead-end healthpack and downgraded the second floor healthpack. Made the map too top-heavy.

    -Changed the orientation of the remaining pit ramps. If I made a joke about that I'd probably get banned.

    -The drill does 50% less damage now. Frankly, I'm astonished it killed as many people as it did.


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