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  1. Less Spaghetti Update

    I Darkstar X

    -Sandbags because they triggered some people's sandbag-phobia.
    -Massive ice-texture dreidel over the control point.
    -Some of the "spaghetti". Doc said I need to watch my carbs.
    -The death-pits that there of course were are now evicted from the bsp.


    -Open area between spawn and the interior area. Its like a whole new world... sort of..?
    -Balcony area at the control point so the second floors of either side's interiors do something that isn't illegal.
    -I saw the signs, and now you will too because there's more of them.
    -A giant spinning drill to block SOME sightlines at the control point. It will hurt you if you jump into it so don't do that.


    -Adjusted lighting map-wide, now 30% less damaging to your eyes, 9/10 ophthalmologists say!
    -Extended the timer to 3 minutes, because 2 was too quick, ask any woman.
    -Maybe some things I forgot, but I'm only human.
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