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  1. Lars

    cp_shaftfall a1

    Sup, I've made a new map. My second one actually. It's a 3CP assault map located on a mountain. The map probably has alot of problem, both gameplayish and vissually, but that's what playtesting is for. I hope y'all can still enjoy this map.
  2. C

    deathmatch_warehouse_a3 2019-07-06

  3. Scampi

    Descent a12

    Miles below the Earths crust, the merc war rages on. A large vertical shaft, sunk to extract valuable resources, has become the gateway to further wealth and power; and thus a source of conflict. Descent is an idea I've had in my head for a while now. The goal is to make a koth map that's...
  4. Taxouck

    3CP "Underground Canyon" A1

    So. This is my first map - thanks Crash for his amazing tutorial. It's a small 3CP. That out of the way, this map is underscaled, and combat is scrammed due to a lack of flank routes leading to the middle capture point. Nonetheless, this is at least 20 hours of work here ('bout 2 hours per week...