Daenam b11

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Daenam b11


Formerly known as viridii and greenhouse which I adopted from @Necrσ / Halcyon

Ive decided to take it to a more competitive approach because I found it having some good potential.


Custom content credit to

Japan pack
Bulletcrops content pack
Sulfur Content
The Re-Coloured Pack
Korean signs translated by Asd417

+probs some others that I got third party or forgot about, (please tell me if you recognise any)
First release
Last update
King of the Hill
3.50 star(s) 2 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. b11

    no gameplay changes have been made, this is a "repost" of @Katsu! :3 's B11 cubemap bsp. all credit to @Katsu! :3 for that obviously, thought id upload it here so it is more in the spotlight. once again huge thanks for taking the time to fix it :)
  2. b10

    - raised the ceiling in tunnel and added splashable grates leading to point. - removed fence dividing battlements - opened fence dividing flanks - added small health packs to tunnel and the back of point and replaced small healthpack on the left...
  3. b9

    b9 -fixed shit cubemaps/packing from b8 -shuffled around some props to make them look nicer and changed their colour -added 3d skybox -long overdue update of the korean sign for battlements from 교전지점 to 교점지역, and in the process accidentaly...

Latest reviews

I love the aesthetics, I love the Korean signage to imply this is taking place somewhere not in the Badlands is a concept that is underused. It's not that the map has too many chokepoints or is too claustrophobic. It's actually quite the opposite, there's too much open space that it makes the map feel very empty, with a lot of empty hiding spaces that don't belong in KoTH. This map would work much much better for arena (rip).
Very nice :)