1. b10

    - raised the ceiling in tunnel and added splashable grates leading to point.
    - removed fence dividing battlements
    - opened fence dividing flanks
    - added small health packs to tunnel and the back of point and replaced small healthpack on the left side with medium
    -fixed overlays near red spawn not lining up nicely

    - optimized the map in general, since i have a toaster config i personally can not tell the difference but i am curious as to how much it impacts different configs (fade distances,...
  2. b9


    -fixed shit cubemaps/packing from b8
    -shuffled around some props to make them look nicer and changed their colour
    -added 3d skybox
    -long overdue update of the korean sign for battlements from 교전지점 to 교점지역, and in the process accidentaly messed up one other sign which i will change later i suppose (제한구역 (restricted area) instead of 지하실 (basement) in the old dropdown room)

    and last but not least,

  3. b8

    after a long downtime it's finally back.

    -adjusted some sightlines spanning from lobby spawn to battlements
    -reworked the dropdown room to have a stairway instead
    -overpass above the flank fence is now accessible and can be splashed through the grates.
    -changed the shape of the point in order to combat "ninja capping"
    -added a small ammo pack behind point under battlements
    -staircase outside of right spawn made w i d e r

    -added and removed various barrelcrate props to...
  4. b7a

    - revamped far left side of lobby
    - removed small greenhouse and replaced it with a more versatile shack
    - moved and removed a bunch of pickups
    - pickups have patches after being asked enough for them
    - changed left flank to be more one-way and to favour the tunnel more
    - improved clipping around common jumping spots and the point
    - stop hiding in the ceiling
    - improved korean translations ( thanks @Asd417 )

    big thanks to @lucrative for testing it in...
  5. b6a


    thanks to feedback from


    fixed nuts sightline from mid/greenhouse to opposing lobby
    all signs on the map have been changed from japan pack kanji to hangul custom translated by @Asd417
    some other minor things

    making progress on the 3d skybox aswell
  6. b5


    thanks to feedback from
    lucrative's stream
    gaeta discord

    Removed some deadspace in the lobby/spawn area
    hopefully fixed cubemaps
    added shutters on either side of the garden-exit of lobby to break up sightlines

    flipped the windows on the catwalk
    splitted the...
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