Proplant v8

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Proplant v8

Coalplant but pro?

"pro" version of coalplant by ScorpioUprising
all credit to Scorpio for making coalplant

thanks to the refresh team and etf2l discord for feedback

uploading by request of ETF2L/RGL so players can more easily find the map.

major changes include;

-changing lighting to something more bright
-nobuild shutter
-wider under + medium ammopack
-improved clipping across the entire map making splash/movement a little more consistant

most changes were inspired by ashville and it's current pro remake
First release
Last update
King of the Hill

More downloads from hondjo

Latest updates

  1. v8

    rearranged boxes in lobby improved clipping
  2. v7

    always do your quality control guys. renamed to v7 instead of v6b because thats confusing
  3. v6a

    -fixed train track at spawn is now fully blockbulleted do not play v6