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Replaced the coast pyramid entrance with a one-way, quick escape, trap door

Improved the ability to jump out of the water by lowering a small section downwards
Fixed the odd texturing on the shipping and receiving side of the pyramid
Adjusted the height of the buildings in the center of the map
Adjusted the height of the clipping around the pyramids to hit the skybox
Added clipping to the back of the tents to make players not get stuck
Fixed a tiny seam near the spawn room archways

Replaced the door exiting spawn towards the back flag drop-off with an orange gate, no more door unexpectedly going down! It's a gate now!

Added clipping to the cart in between it and the archway so people won't get stuck

Removed collisions from the torches in the central blueprint room

Fixed duplicated brushes in the cafe's fountain

Added a new on-screen hud element shown to anyone who picks up a flag to tell them where to go
Fixed some vscript logic that was preventing red from having their flags moved around when dropped
Widened central blueprint room a few units horizontally to increase the amount of space to move once in that room

Added some junk in the water, don't pay too much attention to it
Basically scrapped all of the maps and started from square one in an effort to condense the map as much as possible.

Features a new watery route around the cafe with a massive deck perfect for fighting eating chicken.
All areas within the old map's pyramid are here in spirit, except reworked to fit the new layout.
Added an arrow in the spawn rooms to indicate where the flag is spawning from.
Improved no draw around the map
Fixed odd bit protruding from the tunnel entering the sphinx (by the water)
Fixed the golden pointed bit not being attached to the decor post

Fixed logic, now flags should be capturable (had to revert to pure CTF w/ custom outline colors instead of attack/defend logic)
Lit up the boxes under the ramps in mid
Added lights to the middle room

Added boxes to the carts next to the windows in mid so jumps are easier to pull off

Moved the ramp up to the paw back as it was embedded in the paw instead of being next to it

Ran around and func_detailed some of the support structures that I originally missed
Yes yes, we removed the wine cellar, but on the plus side we added some details

Raised the floor in the pyramid pit a bit (along with all the triggers as well [Should not allow triple jumps out of the pit])
Fixed several texture overlaps/ dev textures being off
Fixed all lanterns to the ground/ box

Removed the wine cellar area, that section is now super dull, but it should focus gameplay toward the sphinx more
Added an interior area to bypass the archway and sphinx paw area while still in the upper section of the map

Worked on texturing the center buildings a bit more
Reworked the structure connecting the two paws of the sphinx to look more generic/ scaffolding-like with wooden beams
Reworked the plank going up to the paws into using the same design as the newly created scaffolding stuff as above (allows trimping!)

Textured the interior of the sphinx a bit more
Reworked the textures at the base of the cafes a bit

Mental note, ask the administrator if we have the budget for new photos
Did a lengthy lighting pass over the map (no more floating/ ghost lights)
Added fans to the cafe area
Started work on texturing the map (Building by the sea, cafe ceiling, sphinx indoor platform). not quite enough for this release to be considered a beta
Added some rocks and ground clutter around the middle area
Added a light in the barrel room
Added air conditioner to the top of cafe

Frog add

Note: this is probably the last alpha release until beta hits
Bug Fixes
- The flag heal beam will now disable when dropped (enabled when picked up)
- When picked up, the beams of light will disable themselves
- Migrated a bit of @Lacry's reverse ctf logic (particularly the game_text_tf notifications as they are much more elegant)
Removed the bottom route out of spawn, removed the side exit from the spawning area, and routed it through the garage area.

Removed the upper area in mid, hope this will focus the action toward the gate area and the sphinx more.
Added a side passage where the upper area in mid used to be, it is enclosed by should allow for some flanks

Raised the skybox ceiling a bit

Reworked the bit around the main exit/entrance to the garage a bit more since I removed the side exit out of the spawn
So marked for death and melee only deters people from picking up the flag, everyone at Mann Co told me it was a good idea, shows what they know!
Reworked the game mode a bit more:
Players with intel are forced to use melee weapons only and are marked for death (fan of war effect)
Added an RD dispenser to the flag
The flag spawn points now have a beam of light above them for whenever it is active

The goal for this is to make the flag bearers be dependent a bit on working with their team as they make their way to the drop site

Replaced the corner fence piece in spawn (facing the outside) with a solid block instead (team colored)
Reworked the brushwork around the larger archway to not allow people on top of them

The platforms in the pyramids have gotten their cover reworked, and the tops of the crate have been no builded

Removed the one-way door near spawns, replaced with an open gate with a way to jump over (note I had to add more cover by spawn to stop explosive spam to the spawn doors)

Reworked the underground areas in spawn to allow spawn points to be towards the back (thus people can see the stairs in the first place)

Improved clipping with the cafe windows and top of the doors near the coast.

Added more lighting in the stairway in the cafe

Replaced as many announcer voice lines as I could (referring to the pickup as "the device" and referring to picking it up as "we" etc)
So yeah, joke aside.

Completely reworked the spawn area, teams spawn on high ground and have the option of taking a tunnel inside of spawn. Added a one-way drop where the flag is now picked up.

General Changes:
Replaced the glass texture in the cafe to not be 100% clear
Added clipping to the windows in the cafe such that people can't get caught on the little tiny ledge there
Bumped the walkway across the paws out a bit
Moved the tables around in the cafe to help with jumping over them and not getting stuck

Removed the back half of the middle all the way, sealed off the archways, and added a thingy to make the top of the stairs to make it more of a choke point

Reworked the cover on the crane and added nobuilds to that area (can still build there, just not immediately facing the pit areas