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ctf_nile Alpha 14 - Getaway

Basicaly return the flag to your enemies

Blu and Red have gained digging rights underneath two opposing pyramids. Upon searching, the teams uncover several artifacts (Flags) that are really neat! It turns out the artifacts are cursed and the teams decide to dump their cursed artifacts in the opposing teams' dig site in order to rid themselves of the curses.

Uses VScripting to handle the hud logic for the flag pickup notifications.
Thanks to P-4rio for their Better CTF prefab which everything is based on.
Gismo Gaming
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Capture The Flag
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Latest updates

  1. Alpha 14 - Getaway

    Replaced the coast pyramid entrance with a one-way, quick escape, trap door Improved the ability to jump out of the water by lowering a small section downwards Fixed the odd texturing on the shipping and receiving side of the pyramid Adjusted...
  2. Alpha 13 - Revamp!

    Basically scrapped all of the maps and started from square one in an effort to condense the map as much as possible. Features a new watery route around the cafe with a massive deck perfect for fighting eating chicken. All areas within the old...
  3. Alpha 12ex - Fixes

    Improved no draw around the map Fixed odd bit protruding from the tunnel entering the sphinx (by the water) Fixed the golden pointed bit not being attached to the decor post Fixed logic, now flags should be capturable (had to revert to pure CTF...