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cp_viper_industries 2016-04-29

attack/defend, 3 capture points

Viper's Industrial Complex or Viper_Industries for short, was built around an old daming system for hydro power.
It has long since been rescaped into a true battle ground,
from open air areas scattered with cargo shipping containers(used to cover up the true nature of the complex from the public) to the final area where you discover the truth about RED's evil plan to bomb everything BLU.
Choose your path wisely or the madness will set in, as the RED's have poisoned the BLU's drinking water with real viper vemon (they have been drinking beer ever since)
This may just be your last fight,
enjoy my creation
First release
Last update
Attack/Defense CP
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Latest updates

  1. updated cp_viper_industries

    many new fixes and new sniper spots, this map is now flowing so give it a try with some bots on hard and let me know what you think
  2. 9 may 2016 update

    change notes... increased ambient lighting slightly added 1 minute to first capture added hut to where blu spawns added extra walls before capture C placed temp red spawn at beginning match (at match start red spawn moves back) this is so you can...
  3. uploaded steam workshop version (smaller file size)

    uploaded the steam workshop version , it is a smaller file size (11megs compared to 41 megs)