3 capture points

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  1. Call_Me_Meme

    Castlefort a1

    My 2020 72h summer Jam (and also my first capture point map) For TF2 Classic. Doesn't seem to work in live TF2. I only made it for TF2C because my TF2 hammer install is broken (something about invalid game files.) Images: https://imgur.com/a/EUOlfZq Dropbox download link...
  2. spetz

    cp_grotto A1

    72 HOUR JAM ENTRY The Mercenaries Brawl in an Olde Village finished with 20 hours to spare! :) hope you guys enjoy the map that me and my friend worked really hard on he's not that good at making maps in hammer but he's good at design and aesthetics. Map Wouldnt have been as good looking...
  3. damnedge

    cp_viper_industries 2016-04-29

    Viper's Industrial Complex or Viper_Industries for short, was built around an old daming system for hydro power. It has long since been rescaped into a true battle ground, from open air areas scattered with cargo shipping containers(used to cover up the true nature of the complex from the...