navigation file included

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  1. Katsu! :3

    Edited Nav Mesh Collection #1 - CatComp 2022 April Fools f3

    This is a small collection of the navigation meshes used in my Competitive TFBot Series, CatComp. More specifically for the recent April Fools Map cup. Each map that has been played in the cup, as well as a few unused maps that were going to be included but were cut for various reasons, are in...
  2. FortyTwo

    MVM bot's navigation problem/bug(?)

    So in mvm_cargo, It have doors for the trains to pass through and robots to take shortcut, so I have a navigation inside the door so robots know that they can walk through this door. Since that the door will keep either opening or closing, I have a tf_point_nav_interface to update the .nav file...
  3. damnedge

    cp_viper_industries 2016-04-29

    Viper's Industrial Complex or Viper_Industries for short, was built around an old daming system for hydro power. It has long since been rescaped into a true battle ground, from open air areas scattered with cargo shipping containers(used to cover up the true nature of the complex from the...