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Center A4

Prototype KOTH map

Prototype KOTH map taking place in a research facility of some kind.
It's me sized!
First release
Last update
King of the Hill

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  • Sewer Rats
    Sewer Rats
    Your team thought of the perfect plan... To hide intel in a sewer! Uh-oh. Looks like they did too!
  • ctf_corridors
    A gimmick CTF map

Latest updates

  1. The "Gameplay" update

    Changes include: -Elevated one side of spawn -Changed area outside of spawn to help discourage spawncamping -Rearranged some pickups -Added arrows -Fixed an issue where there was more room to cap the point on RED's side than on BLU's -Changed the...
  2. The "Whoops I put BLU spawn in a sink-hole!" update

    Just a small update, fixing the blu spawnroom.
  3. The "Woah! This is the same map?!?!" Update

    Changes include: -Added second floor -Changed layout- no more corridors -Removed the lighting thing people wanted me to remove that I still can't remember the abbreviation for for the life of me -Made different rooms visually distinct -Made the...