ctf_corridors a4

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ctf_corridors a4

A gimmick CTF map

This is a CTF map where the intel is picked up and capped in the same base.
It's me sized!
First release
Last update
Capture The Flag

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  • Center
    Prototype KOTH map
  • Sewer Rats
    Sewer Rats
    Your team thought of the perfect plan... To hide intel in a sewer! Uh-oh. Looks like they did too!

Latest updates

  1. The gimmick update

    Okay, so even after scaling the map down, I was still told it was huge. So I thought "What if I use the map's size to it's advantage? So now, the flag and capture point are separated, and you capture a teams flag in that team's base. The flag...
  2. Map overhaul

    Pretty much an overhaul of the map I changed the sizes of rooms, I added a second floor and basement, I added new rooms, a new vent entrance, and more!
  3. a2

    I have made some minor changes to the map. I lowered the fences, and made the intel not get stuck in the death pit.