Center A4

Prototype KOTH map

  1. The "Gameplay" update

    It's me sized!
    Changes include:
    -Elevated one side of spawn
    -Changed area outside of spawn to help discourage spawncamping
    -Rearranged some pickups
    -Added arrows
    -Fixed an issue where there was more room to cap the point on RED's side than on BLU's
    -Changed the second floor to make the outside roof in the middle less powerful
    -Nerfed some sightlines
    -Raised the top of the point
    -Made it easier for a team to push back out to mid. (Hopefully)
    -Changed lighting. Again.
    -Rotated the small inclines on either...
  2. The "Whoops I put BLU spawn in a sink-hole!" update

    It's me sized!
    Just a small update, fixing the blu spawnroom.
  3. The "Woah! This is the same map?!?!" Update

    It's me sized!
    Changes include:
    -Added second floor
    -Changed layout- no more corridors
    -Removed the lighting thing people wanted me to remove that I still can't remember the abbreviation for for the life of me
    -Made different rooms visually distinct
    -Made the map less cramped
    -Made height variation a little bit more varied
    -Changed the central control point
    -Added some props
    -Raised the skybox
    -Widened Doors
    -Made doors taller
    -Made the outside ground a darker brush
    -Added more Health + Ammo pickups, made...
  4. The "Being able to build in spawn is bad" update

    It's me sized!
    This update includes the following:
    -Fixed a sign on the blue side being red
    -Fixed being able to build in spawn ...Whoops. :engienope:
    -Added a few details in non-playable areas of the map to make less be rendered at a time.

    Oh, did I say the last update would be the one I'd get tested?

    Whoops. :chord:
  5. The I-wasn't-satisfied-with-the-layout-so-I-removed-it-from-an-imp-and-changed-it Update!

    It's me sized!
    Here are the changes:
    -Aligned textures
    -Added battlements
    -Added cover on the point
    -Changed lighting a bit
    -Added a small decline on the floor in room farthest to the right from spawn
    -Moved the window looking out on mid
    -Made the hallway with a single ammo pack in it a bit wider
    -Made all windows slightly lower

    This will be the first version to be tested.