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  1. The Asylum

    Pipeball Final

    !! VERY IMPORTANT !! sv_point_servercommand needs to be set to "always" or the map won't work! SO DONT FORGET !! NOT NEW AND HARDLY EXCITING! It's Pipeball! No, not Pipeball Classic. It's Pipeball. The Pipeball. That's right, ripped out of a page of ancient history (like, 2008), it's one of...
  2. The Asylum

    Pipeball (Event) Final

    IMPORTANT!! sv_allow_point_servercommand must be set to "allow" for this map to function correctly!! NOT SO NEW BUT STILL EXCITING! It's Pipeball Event! Deep within Morty's Discount Cemetary (so cheap they can't afford spellcheck), the RED and BLU teams compete to hit the lethal Black Ball...
  3. The Asylum

    Pipe Balle RC1

    BE YE WARNED! THOU MUST SET sv_allow_point_servercommand "always" in thine CFG, or doomed shall thy Pipe Balle experience be! Ho! NEW AND EXCITING! Tis a new build of Pipe Balle, RC1! One morn I awoke from my royal slumber to roars and cheers t'were they as thunder To my window I took and...
  4. Stack Man

    Pipeball Radar a1

    My take on a pipeball map. Requires "sv_allow_point_servercommand always" before the map is loaded. If it wasn't, then set "phys_pushscale 10" and "mp_stalemate_enable 0". Yes, 0. Tied rounds on this map go into overtime. The next team to score wins.
  5. The Asylum

    Pipeball Classic final

    IMPORTANT! You'll need to ebable point_servercommand for this map to work! NOT NEW BUT STILL EXCITING! It's Pipeball Classic! The updated remake of my earlier Pipeball map, now with 100% less suck! RED and BLU compete to shoot a ball into the other team's goal pipes, the first to three goals...
  6. The Asylum

    Asylum Megamix 2022-04-01

    IMPORTANT! PLEASE ENSURE YOU HAVE SERVERCOMMANDS ENABLED!! It's been a long road. Let's experience a blast from the past in a whirlwind medley of Asylum's greatest hits (and misses!) Featuring: Private Idle Checkpoint Pipeball Classic DM Melee Fort And a little taste of a long-awaited map...
  7. SnickerPuffs

    Canyon b1a

    Make sure you set 'sv_allow_point_servercommand' to 'always' so the pipeballs are easier to push! Custom Content and Special Thanks - @FGD5, for the More Barrel Crates - @Rexy, for the Tom Cruise Cutout - @The Asylum, for creating the original Pipeball maps and logic help - @Box Of Paper, for...
  8. SnickerPuffs

    Pipeball Prefab v3

    Pipeball is a custom gamemode created by @The Asylum back in 2010. Around June of last year, I got the idea to make my own map using this custom gamemode, so I reached out to the creator. Against all odds, he responded and provided a copy of the original VMF! Nearly one year later, and while I...