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  1. savvaisnotagirlolbbq

    72hr Jam 2022 Seal A1_72hr

    My upload for the 2022 72hr Jam! Initially was gonna be a 5cp map but I instead opted for 3cp when I wanted to have a dedicated cave system as a connector between the two points. Credits: FGD5 for the Lovely Seal models! Dusk till Dawn Skyboxes TF2maps Construction Pack
  2. ABpriceHI45

    Calamity final1a

    This is a recreation of pl_calamity on 'Typical Colors 2' it has 2 payload checkpoints and a wack flank routes this map is set in a "Canyon", red and blu fight it out in a middle of now-where!! A mining site disguised as a power plant thing???? Custom Content credits: Fuzzy's TF2 Urban...
  3. PotatOS

    mctf_bad_canyon A1_fix

    An MCTF map set in a canyon Nothing much else to say Credits: sky_hydro_01 Variant Pickups: x46 Pills x4 Small Medkits x4 Small Ammopacks x2 Medium Ammopacks Weapons: x2 Flamethrowers x2 Rocket Launchers x2 Nailguns x1 Shotgun x1 DB Shotgun x1 Dynamite x1 Grenade Launcher x3 Sniper Rifles x1...
  4. Springy

    smeltery a1

    some gimmicky invade CTF thing I made, decided to upload just in case I want to put it to a map test Bombs randomly spawn on conveyor in the middle of the map, which you need to deliver to both enemy points, and defend yours at the same time
  5. SnickerPuffs

    Canyon b1a

    Make sure you set 'sv_allow_point_servercommand' to 'always' so the pipeballs are easier to push! Custom Content and Special Thanks - @FGD5, for the More Barrel Crates - @Rexy, for the Tom Cruise Cutout - @The Asylum, for creating the original Pipeball maps and logic help - @Box Of Paper, for...
  6. Moronicbody

    canyon 2020-12-09

    This is my friend's first tf2 map, he does have experience in hammer for other source games. It's a King of the hill map entirely in the boundaries of a canyon. It features 3 buildings for each team, including the spawns.
  7. NTMonsty

    Four Corners A5

    It's the Southwest US. The RED and BLU teams have been getting desperate for land and real estate. They recently stumbled across a small town in the midst of a basin surrounded by canyon walls and trees. They just found the ticket to freedom. Four Corners (4corners in the game itself) is a 5cp...
  8. JaNNN

    Revolution (working title) v1

    Apart from the working title, this map is essentially complete. It's a basic koth map surrounded by a canyon. Be sure to give feedback so I can improve on it in the future. Thanks and enjoy the map!
  9. yassen

    koth_canyonland a1

    A simple king of the hill map i came up with. Also one of the first maps i have made and uploaded.
  10. WhoWee!

    PL Red Canyon A2

    This is my version of cactus canyon meets upward, with my own twist. I have been working on this map for about a month. I really had a fun time working on this map, and I hope you enjoy it. It is currently in A2. This is my fourth map I've made, and I think I'm starting to get better at the...
  11. ZungryWare

    rockwall006 Fixed rc2

    Whoever made this texture originally left all sorts of gross seams. So I'm here to clean up the mess they left! Note that the texture is slightly darker than the original. Hopefully that isn't an issue. Drop the contents of the .zip file into your tf folder.
  12. Z

    I dunno A1

    see tag line
  13. XEnderFaceX

    Daylight - High & Low Contest Contest

    Entry for the High & Low Detailing Contest! ================================= Daylight takes place somewhere in a Canyon! Thanks to: ======== Slender Arctic Assets: Worktime: About 32 Hours
  14. AcidGamer

    Across Alpha 8

    cp_across is a 5cp map with trains, death pits and more
  15. Rolex

    Canyoneside a2

    My first map created for a 72 hour jam! Although the map is in a playable state, there are a few graphical bugs I was not able to fix during the allotted time. These will be fixed in future updates after the jam. Hopefully you have fun and enjoy playing on my new map.
  16. Code Orange

    New Mexico B2

    My first attempt at map making, i themed it around my favorite parts of my favorite valve games: Half-Life and (of course) TF2
  17. F4NGS

    canyoncross a1

    Started working on this map a few weeks ago with the idea of a koth map with a big death pit that divides the map vertically. The death pit has a couple of platforms so you can hop across to get the other side with some skilled jumps. I am liking how the map is coming along. though...
  18. Gatorix

    koth_canyon (wip) a4

    FIRST MAP :D A koth map with an emphasis on vertical fighting. Uses the viaduct formula, but utilizes many alternate paths. Uses dropdowns. Orange dev is meant to represent areas I plan on making inaccessible. Known issues: -Engie is pretty strong once a sentry is placed around the point...
  19. Kreper Nutrition

    Canyon Paradise A3

    The teams are fighting over the dam to flood eachothers base, so they have control over the area. Purely sprung from my imagination, and it turned out alright. I'm gonna keep working on it and don't beat down on me to much since this is my 2nd map. :D
  20. Wellingtons Brownlap

    72hr Jam 2022 ctf_blastcap B3.4

    (I have re-uploaded the map so that you should be able to download it again) Here's more details on what had happened. >INFO< This map was created for the Summer 2016 72hr TF2Jam. (It is also the first map I've ever uploaded to This level is designed like to be like a king of the...