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Capture The Flag

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Latest updates

  1. Alpha 4: ...The Final Alpha?

    I've been getting very little feedback, so I assume this map is just about Beta-ready. There's just a few things I wanted to tinker with before I start detailing the map. OVERALL - Adjusted the lighting again, returning it to a more...
  2. Alpha 3: Roughly five hours later

    OVERALL - Changed the skybox to @ABpriceHI45's Screwball skybox, and adjusted the lighting to match - Smoothed out some of the detailing with playerclips, as testers were getting caught on fences and supports MID - Added some small fences to the...
  3. Alpha 2a: ...wait, hold on

    - Fixed the main door on BLU's intel building being team-restricted - Removed the "Exit" signs in the intel buildings