Canale B2


  1. Beta!

    And just in time too!

    Blu's spawn is now fancy-shmancy
    20190302131229_1.jpg Most of the area before A is detailed 20190302131239_1.jpg Shallow water 20190302131346_1.jpg The structure at c has wood now 20190302131309_1.jpg Most of the dev textures have been replaced with real texures 20190302131323_1.jpg Interior decorating! 20190302131249_1.jpg Fancy B 20190302131300_1.jpg Red spawn is well detailed 20190302131401_1.jpg Made red's spawn fancy 20190302131354_1.jpg
    Small Changes Include:

    -Made the waterfalls slowly push you downwards

    -Clipped all of the plaster walls

    -Added some neato signage

    -Lowered the railings on the boat

    -Made the area above the waterfalls make more sense where the water is coming from

    -Added some wooden supports in some areas

    -Most of the water brushes share cubemaps
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