Canale B2


  1. The Custom Contentining!

    Welcome to the custom contentining!

    I replaced the cluster of bridges at 1st with a freaking boat
    20190228210949_1.jpg Flow'rs 20190228211012_1.jpg Height variation after first 20190228211035_1.jpg Again with the height variation 20190228211042_1.jpg Extended the platform at second 20190228211107_1.jpg *Ring* 20190228210937_1.jpg Detailing Mock-up 20190228211025_1.jpg Crouch-through window 20190228211119_1.jpg T I L E S 20190228211003_1.jpg A new small flank building between 1st and 2nd 20190228211053_1.jpg Made the platform at 3rd not useless 20190228211154_1.jpg Added room here so you aren't forced into the water at 3rd 20190228211146_1.jpg 3rd is brick now 20190228211448_1.jpg More brick 20190228211435_1.jpg Extended the side flank between 2nd and 3rd 20190228211137_1.jpg

    Small changes include:

    -Raised the water level

    -Added custom content

    -Adjusted displacements

    -Textured all buildings with basic materials

    -Blocked some terribly long sightlines

    -Adjusted Clipping

    -Re-added health and ammo patches

    -Made the flank at first on the boat one-way

    -Adjusted minor structure shapes

    -Added a clearance gate at 3rd to advance the cart

    -Clarified where to go in some areas

    -Adjusted health and ammo placement

    -Removed the stairs at 2nd up to the grass patch

    -Added a new doorway from the flank at second to the platform near the bridge

    -Made a building have more area to defend from

    -Added a door at first that opens when A is capped

    -Added a structure before the large gate at 2nd to limit sightlines

    -Widened the underpass area at first

    -Added light fixtures to quite a few light placements

    -Added some scenery in the out-of-bounds areas

    -Removed the annoying pillars at 3rd

    -Removed the other spawn at first

    -Added some lights at last to guide players

    -Added some dumpsters

    -Adjusted the position of a staircase

    -Opened up the room in the lower flank at first


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    2. 20190228211159_1.jpg
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