Canale B2


  1. A "Boat" Load of Changes

    This sucked too many hours out of my life

    Let's just get the obvious out of the way, the lighting is different, and the autumn theme is here!

    Made 3rd look fancy, replaced the building next to it with a grass patch
    20190218171624_1.jpg 3rd at another angle 20190218171701_1.jpg The Rialto Bridge in the background 20190218171545_1.jpg A new building after 2nd 20190218171607_1.jpg Cleaned up the flank at B 20190218171600_1.jpg Cleaned up Red's first spawn and changed it immensely 20190218171555_1.jpg Red Spawn from another angle 20190218171524_1.jpg

    Small Changes Include

    -Added another way to get out of Last

    -Shortened many of the walls around the canal

    -Made the water shallower

    -Made the water look deeper

    -Gave red another spawn at first

    -Put a tire on a crate

    -Adjusted height variation

    -Removed some underused flank routes

    -Sprinkled Arrows and signs here and there

    -Added some pumpkins and trees

    -Replaced some clunky buildings with open spaces

    -Opened up tight spaces

    -Removed some unnecessary cover

    -Cleaned up some clutter

    -Removed a high amount of shutter doors

    -Removed all umbrellas... rip

    -Added a neato metal bridge to second

    -Adjusted Clipping

    -Made 2nd easier to ambush for BLU

    -Removed some health and ammo packs

    -It is easier to traverse around the water

    -Adjusted Red's respawn times (from 1 second to 12 seconds)

    -Lightened up some dark spaces

    -Made it more obvious that the door at first is one-way

    -Removed a buoy clipping into a wall

    -Added a dropdown near second

    -Heavy lifting provided at the small gate after second


    -After BLU passes the gate at 2nd, a large fence blocks red's fastest way to the gate and must take the slow way around, unless if they are a jumping class

    -The odd lighting on the structure at 3rd is temporary and will be fixed later

    -I am aware of the water not sharing cubemaps, I will fix these later

    -Staring directly into the trees with leaves will drop framerates

    -The boat still clips into some walls, will be fixed soon
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