Canale B2


  1. "Pre" Beta

    Hello fellow video gamers

    Here's another bi-eternal update drop.

    Fancy Shmancified Blu Spawn
    20190210153631_1.jpg Another fancy part of blu spawn 20190210153641_1.jpg Extended the platform at 3rd 20190210185310_1.jpg made the flank at 3rd more compact 20190210185119_1.jpg Added a new building that limits sightlines and helps with the aesthetic 20190210185000_1.jpg W I R E S 20190210185215_1.jpg All of the cobblestone walls were replaced with brushes 20190210153656_1.jpg Removed both flank doors at red house 20190210185358_1.jpg Made the bottom floor of 3rd house more open 20190210185350_1.jpg Extended the ground out in some spots 20190210185434_1.jpg

    Small changes include

    -Made the awning at 3rd higher, disallowing snipers to get on it

    -Added a building on top of the second orange gate near 3rd

    -Added an extra spawn exit at 2nd for red

    -Once again changed the transition building from the choke to 1st

    -Removed the flank route in tunnels

    -Intensified lighting in tighter areas

    -Made the flank to 2nd from tunnels smaller and more compact

    -Added more cover at open areas

    -Adjusted Clipping

    -Replaced the boat at 2nd with a boardwalk

    -Made tunnels more appealing visually and technically

    -Removed the bell's grave... :'(

    -Added a dip to the room transitioning to warehouse

    -Made last more defendable

    -Added a light to a dark corner

    -Detailed some spaces here and there

    -Adjusted health and ammo packs

    -Made some windows be only be able to be seen from one side

    -Fixed a flashing in and out of existence bug

    -Increased the water's texture size

    -Added a door after second to help guide players to second on red

    -Added many arrows

    -Added a memento to Alpha 1

    -Fixed a bug where light leaks through ceilings

    -Added a power outlet at warehouse

    -Adjusted the glass window near last

    -Made the vat of metal at last look super fancy

    -Adjusted some ramps

    Well, that was a long list, wasn't it?

    I'll post the next version next blue moon or so
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