Canale B2


  1. Quite a few nifty changes

    Hi, I'm not dead

    Don't mind the _d at the file extension, I had to decompile A7 midway through making it

    Added a neat bell... it rings
    20190103214636_1.jpg Changed this shed here to be more defendable 20190103214502_1.jpg Added a flank at first for blu 20190103214449_1.jpg Made this building more defendable 20190103214505_1.jpg Added this power position here 20190103214455_1.jpg Changed the cart again 20190103214431_1.jpg Made more visual cover at first 20190103214511_1.jpg Replaced the crate jump with a ramp and added a door 20190103214441_1.jpg Made the catwalks at last fancy grates 20190103214537_1.jpg Made blu spawn look pretty fancy shmancy 20190103214436_1.jpg
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